Hello, My name is Robin and thank you for stopping by!

 I am the wife to a great guy who I have married to for 27 years now! A mother to 3 amazing children who are now grown up and living on their own. We are in a new chapter in our lives as empty nesters and loving it!

I often get asked how I became a photographer. Well, I always loved looking back at pictures and loved the story behind every photo. For me, its about telling the story and I love doing that with my photography. I love being able to capture a family and giving them those memories that they will have forever. I believe with photography its such a learning process with the lighting, posing, your camera. It all works together and trust me, I have learned so much along my journey with photography and it has been such a blessing!  

I always believe that we all have a gift and we should use that gift in our lifetime!

So I hope you check out my work and I look forward to capturing your story!